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Please don't use the shoutbox for complex questions! For those questions please create a thread in the right subforum.
hundowon: Air Quality Display Activation availability Is there anyone who can make it work? Jun 7, 2022 9:34:12 GMT
Anderss: is it possible to view battery charge level in digital cockpit? golf 8 Jun 9, 2022 5:05:51 GMT
manolito: I try to ontact you but you don't respond? Jun 9, 2022 12:27:43 GMT
whataboutthis: you need to raise your question in the forum and then may help you Jun 9, 2022 20:11:46 GMT
tubbe: Hello, Ive got a problem with my Passat 2006 Tdi 4, motion Jun 9, 2022 23:14:03 GMT
tubbe: Sorry, pressed the wrong button, problem with the PDF sensor. Ive changed it and done the adaptation but still after a few minutes theres an engine check! Jun 9, 2022 23:19:04 GMT
mrmanuel: If you translate untranslated strings please check also the wording of the new word. You can search on the top left to see how a word was already translated. So you can be sure that through the whole app whe translation of a word is the same. Jun 14, 2022 9:58:29 GMT
hisself: What year, Natgas? Jun 15, 2022 1:50:44 GMT
yosoyhalalfood: i bought an odbeleven from ecs tuning but there was no redeem code - any ideas? Jun 16, 2022 0:11:07 GMT
tomto147: Hi, you posted an instruction of how to code remote roof opening in A3 convertible. I changed 2 channless you described but don't know how to active the remote open/close from the remote. Any hint? :-) Jun 18, 2022 17:50:59 GMT
posti: Thanks Dallah for posting the question. I am also very interested in knowing about it. I own the same car and couldn't find a solution for the issue yet. Jun 20, 2022 21:52:57 GMT
guido66: For all those with a new AUDI e-Tron Gt, if you are wondering, you can lower your car with the OBD11, I used code 20103. Jun 24, 2022 21:22:07 GMT
TroopTransport: soooo nothing for Jetta 2022s? Jun 26, 2022 18:56:34 GMT
psioticr32: 08' R32 - replaced control module - need process to configure "Steering Angle Sensor" - Anyone have experience with this? (Have OBD Pro, but new to it) Jun 28, 2022 23:02:53 GMT
lh44: Lane assist Jun 29, 2022 19:27:41 GMT
trippys4: B6 S4.. headache from hell trying to find what’s giving p0322 Jun 30, 2022 7:40:04 GMT
jindra: Following a change to our policy, you will be no longer be able to obtain Free Credits Not a bit of a scam to customers? Jul 1, 2022 8:14:39 GMT *
rmstronic: Hi, how can I contribute to the translation of the OBDeleven app? Jul 1, 2022 9:53:24 GMT
antostorny: Hi, when i start the navigation in CarPlay, Audi maps disappears in Virtual Cockpit and appears a compass. Is it possible to maintain the Audi Maps even if CarPlay is in navigation mode (Ex. Google Maps or Waze)? Jul 4, 2022 8:07:50 GMT
quattromic: Sorry guys, but why are you constantly deleting my bug report without any explanation? I start doubting your efforts for serious customer support... Jul 7, 2022 8:12:59 GMT