2015 SQ5: How to turn off "service due" reminder?


ivo: Hello! Does anybody have a solution for Adblue countdown? Sept 21, 2020 20:05:46 GMT
wiljandj: does anyone know if eeprom is soon going to work? i want to change my instrument cluster eeprom and door module eeprom for folding on remote and staging in instrument cluster Sept 22, 2020 7:38:13 GMT
testeronline: according to OBD11 It does work but there is no information on how to use it I am afraid. Try support you might get lucky Sept 22, 2020 9:01:15 GMT
maine01: hello can anybody help have a 2019 golf gti and the dynamic indicators only work with the lights switched on only happened since i done tweaks with vcds Sept 22, 2020 11:40:17 GMT *
Andy V: Did the update and now I can no longer connect. Any ideas? Sept 23, 2020 20:14:42 GMT
testeronline: Andy V Contact support directly via the in app help function (they dont work at this time of day so try in the morning Sept 23, 2020 20:29:50 GMT
kdawg: Yo Sept 23, 2020 22:11:16 GMT
kdawg: Just got a standard for my 2020 gli autobahn Sept 23, 2020 22:11:25 GMT
kdawg: Theres like NO APPS Sept 23, 2020 22:11:34 GMT
THEOLDBOY: If there are specific things you want then raise a request here forum.obdeleven.com/board/379/click-apps-requests and fill in the format as per first post. Sept 23, 2020 22:22:02 GMT
Where to buy in China Mainland: Where to buy in China Mainland, licensed, not fake !? Sept 25, 2020 6:51:23 GMT
Frank: What features can i unlock on my 2020 T-Cross 1.5 tsi R line? Sept 25, 2020 9:34:43 GMT
Licio: my 2019 Q3 f3, VIM is possible?? Sept 25, 2020 13:34:38 GMT
laambo: Lambo ? Possible ? Sept 25, 2020 20:46:49 GMT
laambo: VIDEO IN MOTION ? Sept 25, 2020 20:53:48 GMT
Licio: yes laambo: VIDEO IN MOTION ? Sept 27, 2020 12:09:37 GMT
mryflyguy: I just preordered an ID.4 and see the OBDEleven Forum but no posts yet. I assume OBDEleven will support the VW EVs as well? Sept 27, 2020 14:47:23 GMT
testeronline: check out obdeleven.com/en/supported-vehicles but in short it is marked as a supported car Sept 27, 2020 17:31:07 GMT *
LICIO: NO ONE FOR VIDEO IN MOTION? Sept 28, 2020 17:44:19 GMT
adriian: any more one-click app will be available soon for a8's please? Sept 29, 2020 13:41:38 GMT
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