Process for coding a new key


unable to launch IOS particle filter regeneration?
Aug 1, 2020 8:19:38 GMT
LSB: Can anyone direct me to the "N thread" for SEAT Leon 5F model? Aug 1, 2020 14:10:01 GMT
the old boy: all leon here Aug 1, 2020 14:55:03 GMT
valentin: hi! Can anybody help me with the calculation of "bbf3" ?! Thanks! Aug 3, 2020 11:53:02 GMT
jagamichi: bbf3=Hex. Calculation => Binary: 1011 1011 1111 0011 => Decimal: 11,11,15,3 Aug 3, 2020 12:27:36 GMT
jagamichi: Highest Value Bit = left Aug 3, 2020 12:27:55 GMT
valentin: Thanks! i need to figure out what code i need to replace bbf3 for the error to not come back Aug 3, 2020 13:56:04 GMT
vwcalifornia2020: Aug 4, 2020 19:35:41 GMT
vwcalifornia2020: ok so odb11 does not work with 2020 models! if I had read this before I wouldn't have bought it !! not cool ! it is not specified on the website that it is until 2019 !! it is noted from 2016 -...

Aug 4, 2020 19:36:02 GMT
testeronline: just to be clear VAG have introduced new security on MQB Platform motors that all devices will need to deal with (VCDS, OBD11, caristaapp, VCP Etc) but they are all building the interface Aug 4, 2020 19:43:38 GMT
testeronline: as VAG have been slow in passing info on to these tools. However I agree OBD11 Should be clear in what cars can fully use Coding and Which cars cant. Aug 4, 2020 19:44:27 GMT
testeronline: I have already today told support that there web site is incorrect showing it can do stuff it cant (copy and paste error in my opinion) Aug 4, 2020 19:45:00 GMT
vwcalifornia2020: i hope Aug 4, 2020 19:46:35 GMT
testeronline: It works on Android (to scan) the SFD Issue is across all devices so will get sorted in time so its a bug raise issue with support via the Apple report bug Aug 4, 2020 19:47:58 GMT
dermot: I have obdeleven & credits 215. Cannot start any changes due to grayed out check mark, will not except changes. I have all correct hardware. interested in the tail pop function on a VW Golf R.. Please help me..! Aug 5, 2020 21:10:25 GMT
wolf: i have a 2002 audi a6 quattro 2.8l and it runs good but lately it wants to turn over but not start i replaced the cam position sensors and still have the problem any suggestions Aug 6, 2020 1:31:15 GMT
wolf: no codes Aug 6, 2020 1:32:33 GMT
b97: is there a list or manual of all codings with obd11? Aug 6, 2020 8:45:35 GMT
dvs7biz: Wolf, check the Variable Valve Timing Control (N205) Valve. I had similar problem and replaced cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor with no positive results. After breaking down engine it was the Variable Valve Timing Control (N205) Valve. Aug 6, 2020 9:02:06 GMT
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