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Please don't use the shoutbox for complex questions! For those questions please create a thread in the right subforum.
mattgovee: Anyone know if we can update firmware on a rCd-510 with the OBDeleven? Jun 25, 2024 0:29:40 GMT
whataboutthis: I dont think OBD11 Can update firmware. Jun 26, 2024 8:46:03 GMT
mattgovee: yea, I've been talking to support but they seem as sharp as a butter knife. no help at all. Jun 27, 2024 0:16:37 GMT
adrianklu2014: Cod eroare P029900!!solution Jun 27, 2024 12:31:58 GMT
whataboutthis: I am afraid I have to agree the support team are good at simple stuff (and this should be simple) but not much help with technical issues. My understanding is you cant update the firmware with this tool. Jun 27, 2024 23:04:20 GMT
pvw201982: Is there way to update VW Play apps (waze, Spotify, wync , sygic ) ? Some apps are beta and almost 2yrs old now. and it has bugs. Jul 2, 2024 18:13:24 GMT
zenica: Hello everyone, on my q7 4m 2016 I tried to activate the Traffic Sign Recognition application and I partially succeeded, sometimes it turns on and disappears again, could you help me get the one click application for my obdeleven ultimate vag, thank you.. Jul 3, 2024 9:33:42 GMT
omega8988: Jul 3, 2024 13:32:04 GMT
james022w: Hi. I want to activate my device. However am getting this message from the app log-in "request processing error". please try again. i have done this several times and nothing has changed. Jul 3, 2024 13:42:06 GMT
hans123: Hello, i have an Audi Etron with SOS fault appearing since past 2 days. I gather you had a fix for that issue. Could you please assist? thanks Jul 6, 2024 14:36:55 GMT
hans123: thanks Jul 6, 2024 14:40:34 GMT
mralkhalili: if do u have odis please let me check ur car ... i might solve ur issue Jul 8, 2024 21:51:19 GMT
ahmdkml: Imported 2023 Tiguan Allspace to Egypt and need help removing primary user and adding new user. Mobile connection doesn't work outside of europe (planet icon is always greyed out) Jul 9, 2024 11:59:33 GMT
wobte: is there a way to make seat indicator lights stuck on, for seat leon for 2019 the (drl lights same as the indicator) 5f Jul 9, 2024 16:14:34 GMT
pakitojan: Hello. I have a 2016 Skoda Octavia 5E. 6 years ago, I bought an OBDeleven that stopped working last Friday. Only a red light comes on and it doesn't connect to the app. Can you help me? Thank you Jul 11, 2024 11:22:13 GMT
whataboutthis: check out but be aware if the dongle is broken you will have to buy a new one Jul 11, 2024 21:33:52 GMT
mehmetcetmeli: Hello friends, I installed a LED in the short and long bulb system of my Golf MK6 (2012), but the warning light is on, can you help me fix this? Jul 12, 2024 14:51:48 GMT
kchapman: "Inspection required" notification won't clear. Tried the 365 day reset, said successful, notification is still on. Tried the 768 Day reset, said successful, notification is still on. 20 credits later, the service notice is still there.. Jul 12, 2024 19:27:09 GMT
yongsam: Hi, I cannot download bmw app due to live in australia, is there any chance to get it via email?? or direct download links/?? Jul 13, 2024 10:13:16 GMT
whataboutthis: you should be able to download the app but you wont be able to do full diagnostics as the license does not cover Australia. Try this link Jul 13, 2024 13:27:26 GMT
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