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Corny: Hi, I need the 6 digit device password (iOS Bluetooth) Feb 22, 2020 14:19:35 GMT
theoldboy: Corny when you are asked for password there should be a Forgot Password link press that and it will send you your password Feb 22, 2020 15:07:17 GMT
vwjap: Just make sure you have access to the email address it links to Feb 22, 2020 15:17:27 GMT
kingjez: why is the obd eleven now so slow? Feb 23, 2020 14:46:24 GMT
Corny: There is no password forgotten link in the connection between iphone and OBD11 android it is 1234 or 0000...bin in iOS you need 6 digits Feb 23, 2020 14:51:12 GMT
kingjezdi: by audi a4 Feb 23, 2020 14:51:30 GMT
theoldboy: Corny the 1234 or 0000 is the bluetooth pairing code for older dongle. The next gen you dont (on android) have to pair. We also have a 6 digit passcode to use the dongle, if you dont get the reset button then contact support directly Feb 23, 2020 14:57:23 GMT
Corny: but in iOS...not bin in iOS Feb 23, 2020 14:58:23 GMT
Corny: Support doesnt answer...I asked directly in the app...waiting since 2 days for an answer Feb 23, 2020 15:01:27 GMT
kingjez: any answer why about that, why is the adapter so slow? Feb 23, 2020 15:02:52 GMT
kingjez: it can connect to the car..bluetooh all its ok...but it take to mich time for..5-10min ...before was faster! Feb 23, 2020 15:13:03 GMT
Test: Guys, can someone please help me with the following: How do I turn off the warning for LED front lights? I have a VW Polo and I could not find the answer anywhere. Thank you Feb 23, 2020 15:34:37 GMT
testeronline: @corny afraid support dont work weekends, and obviously on a monday have a backlog. Feb 23, 2020 16:30:45 GMT
peysaj: Hi friends!) Need help how to disable: >:D
1. Turn off the automatic operation of the rear brush
2. Turn off the headlight washer.
Audi Q7 4M 2017 3.0 TDI
OBDeleven Pro
Feb 24, 2020 8:29:20 GMT
peysaj: Feb 24, 2020 8:29:47 GMT
peysaj: S.O.S. Feb 24, 2020 8:30:06 GMT
q5rolf: Hi,
ich habe folgendes Problem:
Ich habe einen Pro Account und ausreichend Credits.
Mein Fahrzeug Audi Q5 FY 2019 wird erkannt mit allen Daten. Fehlerspeicher konnte ich auslesen und es stand ein Fehler an, den ich auch löschen konnte. Ich kann aber leider
Feb 24, 2020 9:32:38 GMT
testeronline: NOT MY CAR BUT HAVE A LOOK AT THIS THREAD Feb 24, 2020 11:51:25 GMT
33catalyst: How does one find the software code for their replacement ECU Feb 24, 2020 16:11:31 GMT
33catalyst: or if anyone wishes to share the info for a 2005 Audi a6 3.2 quattro - Automatic - I just need the software code to reprogram a replacement ECU - but support is not helpful. Kind regards Feb 24, 2020 16:27:40 GMT
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