2018 Audi A3 8 V


wersu: I have a Audi TT 2008, and when I enter 31347 code into secure access, it shows error 35 Failed authentication login: False login code. Mar 17, 2020 16:36:06 GMT
wersu: I have a Audi TT 2008, and when I enter 31347 code into secure access, it shows error 35 Failed authentication login: False login code.

Did anyone had such issue and succeeded in solving it?
Mar 17, 2020 16:36:58 GMT
i4g3t: Any support staff? I was booted did install.. Now it's asking for a 6 digit PIN 😭 Mar 17, 2020 18:39:22 GMT
vwjap: First time you make up your own pin Mar 17, 2020 18:59:50 GMT
vwjap: If you forgot pin If you look it says forgot pin, if you press that then it gives you the email address it’s sent the pin too Mar 17, 2020 19:01:32 GMT
vwjap: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDxLBdupJC4&t=2s Mar 17, 2020 19:02:04 GMT
theonlyvince: anyone know how to disable start/stop on my20, voltage method and app are not working Mar 19, 2020 14:01:45 GMT
vwjap: Add a switch (relay), don (dv52) has been into this, this is a bit of a read www.vwwatercooled.com.au/forums/f197/golf-mk7-auto-start-stop-disable-switch-who-wants-help-108932.html Mar 19, 2020 16:41:29 GMT
christ1952: Bonjours
Je cherche la modification suivante :
Feux de jour avec feux de stationnement sans l’ éclairage de la plaque
Mar 19, 2020 20:56:31 GMT
Prosad: Anyone know how to do coding on mk4 01m transmission not taking coding just loads is there a security access code needed(none available) also tried multiple times key cycle and resetting app Mar 19, 2020 21:37:45 GMT
wanago: Hi is there anyway to code Autohold to be on by default? I have no option in the MFD to enable this by default. I have to manually enable it with the button next to the shifter each time I drive. Is that possible? '09 R36 Mar 20, 2020 0:23:36 GMT
dv52 (Australia): wanago: try this- go to Adaptations in the hex03 module and search for "AUTO HOLD" - then select AUTO HOLD functional status - change the value to "last setting". I hope you don't get asked for a security code because there are lots to choose from! Mar 21, 2020 6:47:38 GMT
throttlejockey: Hey Guys Brand New Member here... :) Mar 21, 2020 11:45:56 GMT
bndo: Hi, when I connected my OBD device to my new tiguan, I was asked to select the year in which it was made. The car itself was a 2017 Rline which caused me to select the years 2015-2017 instead of 2017-. Is there any easy way to change this. Mar 22, 2020 13:23:51 GMT
testeronline: you need to contact support via the in app help function, this is not something you can change as far as i am aware. Mar 22, 2020 13:34:17 GMT
bndo: I contacted them, just need to wait until sometime tomorrow when they will reply. Mar 22, 2020 21:03:10 GMT
IbifaHo: Nee, gaat op uw achterlichten niet werken. Jij hebt de gewone achterlichten. Mar 23, 2020 8:03:20 GMT
napki: Brakuje najprostszej informacji - backup można wykonać tylko w trybie aktywnego połączenia z samochodem Mar 23, 2020 23:17:22 GMT
wanago: dv52 (Australia): Thanks very much - I will give this a go when my adaptor arrives tomorrow. Thank you! Mar 24, 2020 8:52:48 GMT
Anto578: i can't reset appa password, when click on reset i don't receive the email Mar 24, 2020 15:07:33 GMT
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