Car Alarm/ DWA / Interior Monitoring


saeed: شكرا كتير Feb 24, 2020 22:56:10 GMT
saeed: شباب عندي سكودا ٢٠١٥ هل يمكنن التعديل عليها وانصحوني بتعديل رائع من لداخل والخارج والاضواء Feb 24, 2020 23:02:01 GMT
testeronline: which skoda, here is a coding list for one model Feb 25, 2020 10:26:13 GMT
yaseen: i have audi a4 1800 tfsi 170hp Feb 25, 2020 10:48:51 GMT
yaseen: i have audi a4 1800 tfsi 170hp i want to make software update for my transmission how to do that Feb 25, 2020 10:55:42 GMT
testeronline: yaseen do you mean firmware update if so there are many threads on here telling you that it cant be done by OBD11 or VCDS. If you want to do a reset then have a look in basic settings and youtube for details of how to. Feb 25, 2020 17:31:08 GMT
francesco86: THEN I LOOK FOR THE CHANNELS FOR CADDY 2018 Feb 25, 2020 18:06:06 GMT
even_keel: can i get my obdeleven (bought used) reset? previous owner doesn't remember the 6 digit passcode Feb 26, 2020 2:31:32 GMT
sgt1297: even_keel you will need to contact customer support. They are the only ones who can reset it. They reset it so that when you next log in you have to enter a new password of your choice. Feb 26, 2020 10:26:46 GMT
testeronline: or you can click the forgotten password button and it will send the code to the email address that was held against the dongle. Feb 26, 2020 14:19:27 GMT
testeronline: Then ask the guy to tell you the code and you can then change it and email account stuff. Feb 26, 2020 14:19:49 GMT
riaz203: need help on adaptive cruise control and lane change assist Feb 26, 2020 14:34:24 GMT
diazivan: need help obtaining my old ABS long code Feb 26, 2020 15:39:03 GMT
testeronline: have you done a backup in the past in which case its stored there. Feb 26, 2020 20:52:45 GMT
leon: i have seat leon 5f 2015 1.6 tdi. how i enable drive select? Feb 26, 2020 23:47:48 GMT
sgt1297: Isn't the password reset option for the account. The 6 digit password is for access to the device. Only possible via admin? Feb 27, 2020 10:30:24 GMT
vwjap: Na when you log into the account, then press connect it asks you for password (6 numbers) and under that it says forgot password, hit that it then says password sent to [email protected] I have a video on my YouTube channel Feb 27, 2020 10:49:34 GMT
vwjap: Feb 27, 2020 10:56:01 GMT
sgt1297: I surrender Feb 27, 2020 11:51:56 GMT
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