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testeronline: I have already today told support that there web site is incorrect showing it can do stuff it cant (copy and paste error in my opinion) Aug 4, 2020 19:45:00 GMT
vwcalifornia2020: i hope Aug 4, 2020 19:46:35 GMT
testeronline: It works on Android (to scan) the SFD Issue is across all devices so will get sorted in time so its a bug raise issue with support via the Apple report bug Aug 4, 2020 19:47:58 GMT
dermot: I have obdeleven & credits 215. Cannot start any changes due to grayed out check mark, will not except changes. I have all correct hardware. interested in the tail pop function on a VW Golf R.. Please help me..! Aug 5, 2020 21:10:25 GMT
wolf: i have a 2002 audi a6 quattro 2.8l and it runs good but lately it wants to turn over but not start i replaced the cam position sensors and still have the problem any suggestions Aug 6, 2020 1:31:15 GMT
wolf: no codes Aug 6, 2020 1:32:33 GMT
b97: is there a list or manual of all codings with obd11? Aug 6, 2020 8:45:35 GMT
dvs7biz: Wolf, check the Variable Valve Timing Control (N205) Valve. I had similar problem and replaced cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor with no positive results. After breaking down engine it was the Variable Valve Timing Control (N205) Valve. Aug 6, 2020 9:02:06 GMT
GTA: gTs Aug 8, 2020 20:58:55 GMT
Idkwhattoputhere: Can anyone point me in the right direction for instructions on how to CHANGE (not reset) the value or mileage at which the dashboard notification comes on for Inspection being due?? I know how to reset and change both the service and inspection intervals Aug 9, 2020 3:24:22 GMT
Idkwhattoputhere: Ive already reset both, and changed the max values from a 10k interval to a 5k interval. But now my dash, not MMI, is giving me a notification whenever I start or stop my car. How do I completely disable that notification or change it to come on at 500 mi Aug 9, 2020 3:25:38 GMT
dv52 (Australia): @idkwhattoputhere: Try this - Dashboard module - Adaptation - ESI: Resetting ESI - change to "no warning" Aug 9, 2020 22:36:58 GMT
ArghRUS: Hello? can anyone explain me what is long coding 0? long coding 1& Aug 10, 2020 8:51:55 GMT
Valentin: Hi! Can anyone help me please with the new code for the Fault code B201A00, my actual adaptation code is "bbf3" and i have no ideea how to calculate the new code. Thanks! Aug 10, 2020 10:22:40 GMT
theoldboy: ArghRUS on the Long coding you see under 0 the descriptions given by the manufacturer but under 1 you see the Byte / Bit view and here you will see descriptions provided by the user community in multi languages, they both do the same thinG. Aug 10, 2020 11:22:14 GMT
dardano: Anyone tried "Increased Engine Responsiveness" on a '19 Alltrack SEL, 1.8TSI ? The car have ACC and the car is tuned Unitronic Stage1+ so I don't know if it's worth it. Aug 10, 2020 18:36:26 GMT
Adam: 2020 gti I tried with not battery on and with motor on and still getting same error Aug 10, 2020 20:25:09 GMT
stylian0s: Hi did you manage to change miles to kilometres on digital dash? I have the same issue. Aug 10, 2020 21:19:05 GMT
stylian0s: Thank you Aug 10, 2020 21:19:07 GMT
OBDH: Hola compañeros, alguien sabe el codigo de modo valet para un ibiza 2018 disculpen? Aug 11, 2020 2:13:00 GMT
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