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vwjap: Unless the guy you bought it from will give you his log in details, Mar 23, 2019 15:58:56 GMT
vwjap: Because that’s what defines if it’s a pro version or not Mar 23, 2019 15:59:25 GMT
Timmy: I bought the device used, does that matter? Mar 23, 2019 16:00:19 GMT
Akra_7R: can you change the colour of the arrow in virtual cockpit while still keeping the R theme? Mar 23, 2019 16:56:26 GMT
cupra280: the 6 digit code is the security code for the Dongle not the Pro activation code. Connect to the car, From Main Menu select settings, schroll down to Password or Password Request and it will allow you to reset the code. Mar 23, 2019 17:41:22 GMT
Timmy: you have to have the device connected to this. I need the code to connect to the device Mar 23, 2019 18:03:19 GMT
vwjap: Ah my bad, sorry cupra Mar 23, 2019 19:09:14 GMT
cupra280: @timmy I will try and find some time on sunday but from memory you can do this with the dongle in the car and you running the app. Otherwise I am afraid you will have to speak with the previous owner for the code or on Monday speak with support Mar 23, 2019 19:17:20 GMT
vwjap: Isn’t it 123456? Mar 23, 2019 19:18:23 GMT
vwjap: From factory if your talking Bluetooth code Mar 23, 2019 19:19:20 GMT
Timmy: It's pre-owned so it won't be the factory code :( Mar 23, 2019 19:24:07 GMT
vwjap: Have you tried, I haven’t changed the pairing code on mine as there’s no point, otherwise you’ll have to ask the last owner what he changed it too Mar 23, 2019 20:28:38 GMT
Timmy : Yeah I've tried loads of codes Mar 23, 2019 20:43:39 GMT
guest0815: hello, i have an g7 from year 2014 and i want to coding the original footwell lights. has anyone the coding for this? thanks Mar 23, 2019 21:33:13 GMT
plaver: Hello, I would like to place the courtesy lights on the front doors, because my car does not have them, it could be coded after installing them with OBDeleven. Mar 23, 2019 21:48:40 GMT
guest0815: Timmy: You could see it in the adapion challels from 5f Mar 23, 2019 22:02:38 GMT
OR: Hi, quick question, is there a way to clear all the history of the adaptations and code you have done for a car under the history section? Mar 25, 2019 15:01:33 GMT
Roget : Hello Mar 25, 2019 21:52:13 GMT
cupra280: OR you cant delete it but you can archive it Mar 25, 2019 23:11:33 GMT
Spyder: hey guys, i need little help.. when im pressing on "scandinavian drl" its not working, its writing not supported. who's know whats the problem ?? Mar 26, 2019 1:20:44 GMT
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