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Please don't use the shoutbox for complex questions! For those questions please create a thread in the right subforum.
antmar: Does obd11 work with ID.4? I tried Android and ios versions but did get no live data. All I get is error codes nothimg else.I assume ID.3 works but how is ID.4? Apr 28, 2021 16:38:25 GMT
danyalexa: Hello , i chose a wrong car probably when i first scanned it , and now instead of Passat b7 is shows Passat b8 . how can i reset this? i deleted it form my garage, but when i connect it next, shows wrongly Passat b8 Apr 30, 2021 11:23:47 GMT
theoldboy: the only people who can change the car are support, contact via in app help function. If you delete car from garage it just hides it not full delete. Apr 30, 2021 12:56:36 GMT
renius28: Can OBDeleven turn off bluetooth autoplay? Is this function available at all? Thanks! May 1, 2021 18:06:40 GMT
kgg: When will Charts be available on OBD11 Pro? May 2, 2021 7:07:55 GMT *
henke: Anyone know if there is possible to read the temp on a DSG6 gear oil in obd eleven android? May 2, 2021 14:58:54 GMT
testeronline: yes its in your live data under control unit 02 on my car May 3, 2021 11:33:01 GMT *
nicks4: Jerky shifts 2011 s4. Help with transmission adaptations needed. Ive tried with no luck... May 3, 2021 18:56:02 GMT
alu: after activating horn with lock i got faults with central locking, now my fuel lid wont open when unlocking the car May 5, 2021 18:32:55 GMT
testeronline: alu you need to join the forum and post up your history of changes on the correct thread so that people with your car can help you help yourself May 6, 2021 7:47:35 GMT
kenzvw: Anyone know how to activate fog lights after retrofitting on gen2 Tiguan that did not come with fog lights? May 8, 2021 16:29:16 GMT *
AutoPlus : MKV GTI LED BULB replacement coding? PM on Facebook if anyone can help me out. Wesler May 11, 2021 21:04:27 GMT
Madogra: Hello, I've got a Cupra ateca My19 and I can´t do the ambient colours application, everytime the message is ignition error. Could you help me please? May 12, 2021 13:22:21 GMT
ruinalin22: I have a Passat Sedan HL 2018, and I intend to enable Line Assist through BODeleven Pro. I need to know if it does that. May 12, 2021 18:17:46 GMT
Varkneus: Does anyone know how to reset the oil service indicator without using the app that you have to pay 10 credits for? May 13, 2021 12:02:25 GMT
citywerckstatt: Hallo zusammen May 13, 2021 12:50:12 GMT
citywerckstatt: Ich habe ein Problem mit der LWR.Bekomme die Scheinwerfer nicht justiert.Sensoren werden angezeigt auch das Steuergerät.Habw mit VCDS gearbeitet ,aber VCDS findet keine Werte. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Ist ein A6 4BC5 S6 Avant. May 13, 2021 12:53:25 GMT
testeronline: Haben Sie die VCDS-Foren ausprobiert und haben Sie einen OBD11 Pro? May 13, 2021 16:19:21 GMT
Mads : VW Polo R-Line from this year, is it supported? May 13, 2021 17:47:37 GMT
abdelmalek: I have a problem activating hidden features with one click for the vw polo 2014 car, knowing that I have OBDELEVEN 2 my first use I have a Pro version and 500 credits May 13, 2021 20:34:19 GMT
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