Traffic signal recognition - TSR


essteffan: Hi All, anyone can answer to this question? Sept 22, 2019 6:04:57 GMT
dikele: Kann mir einer helfen? Ich moechte gerne den Lanassist freischalten, jedoch finde ich nicht das Steuergeraet 5f Sept 23, 2019 15:13:15 GMT
marcebrk: Muchas gracias. Saludos desde Argentina Sept 23, 2019 18:55:38 GMT
RNS BOOT LOGO Personal: Hi to every one stop working :( can someone direct me similar website where i can make my own pictures ,please! Sept 24, 2019 18:12:44 GMT
RNS BOOT LOGO Personal: forgot to say i have rns510 Sept 24, 2019 18:14:31 GMT
RNS BOOT LOGO Personal: ? Sept 24, 2019 21:23:48 GMT
GTDBE: hello, i cant find the leuchte27 nsl rc6 on a 2016 GTD. i want to change the brake lights to a full rear brake light inner and outer but i cant find the parameters can someone help me with this? many thanks Sept 25, 2019 18:07:36 GMT
Hubertas: Hello, maybe someone have promo/discount code?? Sept 26, 2019 11:31:18 GMT
swissjetpilot: For Audi TT Mk2 (8J) Roadster owners trying to sort their convertible roof issues please check out this link - Sept 28, 2019 9:38:55 GMT
dv52 (Australia): GTDBE:I assume that you have a MQB platform car! If so, search for "RC6" (case sensitive) in Adaptations in the Central electrics module @ address hex09. This Leuchte-set is only active if you have LED tail-light fittings installed (but it should be there) Sept 28, 2019 22:35:59 GMT
Darko: Meine Codierung wäre die 0031012, diese Ziffern sind hier aber nicht beschrieben.
Gibt es ein Datenblatt in welchem sämtliche Werte aufgelistet sind? z.B. das Wegeventil ist bei mir 0, oben wird nur 2 und 3 beschrieben, Heizung/Klimaanlage ist bei mir 1...
Sept 30, 2019 4:24:22 GMT
theworkerbee: Ignore, wrong place Oct 1, 2019 12:39:01 GMT *
Pepe Sabal:
hello can the seat exeo ST set the automatic retraction of the mirror after locking the car?
Oct 3, 2019 13:48:29 GMT
junior: Bius Oct 4, 2019 9:46:31 GMT
theworkerbee: Hey, anyone have a resolution for (31) Function not available error Oct 6, 2019 20:23:13 GMT
vwjap: Depends what it’s for, sometimes you need to clear the data in the app, sometimes you don’t have the right password, and sometimes you don’t have that hardware Oct 6, 2019 20:29:13 GMT
theworkerbee: Thanks for the reply, please kindly look at as I'm having a nightmare with it at the moment Oct 6, 2019 20:33:37 GMT
ron2yz: Vehicle: Audi A4 B9 Oct 7, 2019 15:03:20 GMT
vwjap: I haven’t done Audi’s fella, but you should put the security code in before going into long coding Oct 7, 2019 15:15:16 GMT
aphex13: Anyone out there know how to get the Puddle lights on an MK7 GTI to fade in and fade out instead of just turning on and off? I used the app to keep them on while folding. Then I disabled it, and they don't fade anymore... Oct 8, 2019 5:06:01 GMT
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