majland: ok, so i don't miss out on features on android and my current VAG cars Nov 12, 2019 17:02:01 GMT
vwjap: Nope, same software runs both (app in play store) Nov 12, 2019 17:10:15 GMT
vwjap: Tbh the iOS app doesn’t have pro features enabled yet as they haven’t finished getting it up and running yet Nov 12, 2019 17:11:13 GMT
krufka: do you need a code for free shipping? it is "today" and they still add shipping Nov 12, 2019 18:50:43 GMT
gizzy: Are we gonna se any ECU tuning capabilities #remapping Nov 12, 2019 22:11:36 GMT
d0c: Hi all-My Audi A3 S-Line 2018 has code B201100 for Incorrect basic settings in control 17 for Dash Board. I have the Virtual cockpit and cannot find info on the fault in Google. Can anyone help identify the issue? Nov 13, 2019 10:49:15 GMT
Thirsty (Germany): Free shipping was only on 11.11.2019 Nov 13, 2019 13:58:47 GMT
Musty(UK): Is it possible to open car play for composition media. Polo 2015 BlueGT Nov 13, 2019 21:39:40 GMT
Sams1098sduc: 2001 vw MK4 Jetta 2.0 Liter. OBD-Eleven pro not resetting my throttle body. I enter 01/engine group- Basic Setting, Group 60 and nothing happens. i am unable to even push the reset button. device sometimes freezes. Car Batt at 12.9volts. Nov 14, 2019 1:49:08 GMT
Adblue coding aid: Adblue hodiny ale Nov 14, 2019 18:20:39 GMT
towerhog: Hey all. Trying to find the security/service codes for a few modules. 2017 A3. Anyone know where I can find them. TIA. Nov 14, 2019 20:10:07 GMT
Polo aw1 2017: Hello Nov 14, 2019 20:13:19 GMT
WenzelK: Hi, wenn ich die Pro Version der ersten Generation habe, reicht dann das Starter Paket für 70€, um es weiter als Pro zu nutzen? Nov 15, 2019 10:43:41 GMT
brenky: Pridajte viac aplikácií na jedno kliknut
í Passat B8
Nov 15, 2019 17:20:24 GMT
vwjap: Die Pro-Version ist also Ihr Login in die Software, sie hat nichts mit der Hardware zu tun Nov 15, 2019 17:22:06 GMT
dv52 (Australia): towerhog: A3 (8V) Audi is built on MQB platform, so most of the security codes from a Golf mk7 or mk7.5 should work. Nov 15, 2019 21:14:27 GMT
towerhog: DV52: Thanks for the info. Another question. Are the Golf mk7 or mk7.5 codes readily available? I.E. VW Golf forums? Thanks again. Nov 15, 2019 21:37:17 GMT
dv52 (Australia): towerhog:depends on what you mean by "most". I keep a modest list of known codes over on my local VWWatercooled forum. Look on the mk7 part of the forum, then go to my "Mk7 VCDS Tweaks - Reference" thread and you should find my list. Nov 16, 2019 6:40:39 GMT
towerhog: dv52: Thanks. At the time I wrote the above I didnt know you had a list. But I found it an hour later. I did try the 3 codes listed and none of them worked. Im working on (17) Instrument. Im stumped but will keep trying. Nov 16, 2019 9:56:36 GMT
towerhog: dv52: Figured it out this AM. Finally found the code. Thanks for the list. It was actually the first code. ::) Nov 16, 2019 18:44:52 GMT *
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